• Consistent Quality
  • Lower Food Cost
  • More Convenient Preparation
  • Portion Control

Whether you are looking for a menu component or a full entrée, Pasta Kitchen has a solution. We have a wide selection of fully prepared products that will compliment or complete your existing lunch or dinner menu.

We understand what is important to your business. You want repeat customers and profitability. Conveniently packed in two-kilogram trays, Pasta Kitchen foodservice products can be ready to serve in just minutes with very little effort in the back of the house and crowd pleasing results in the front. We can save your operation extensive prep time, clean up and drive down food costs with our delicious entrées and sides.

If our existing product selection is not what you are looking for, challenge us! Our in house Product Development team will be happy to work with you to build menu items that perfectly fit your business theme, food cost and quality standards. Together we can create a delicious menu item that your staff can serve consistently with confidence and pride. Our goal is to satisfy the product demands specific to your business and provide a profitable, ready to heat solution custom tailored to meet your needs.

Foodservice Products

Description Pack Size
Roasted Potatoes with Peppers2 x 2.0 kg
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes2 x 2.5 kg
Scalloped Potatoes2 x 2.5 kg
Parisienne Potatoes2 x 2.0 kg
Risotto Primavera2 x 2.5 kg
Penne Portobello2 x 2.5 kg
Macaroni and Cheese
2 x 2.5 kg
Cheese Manicotti2 x 2.0 kg
Penne Chicken
2 x 2.5 kg
Chicken Cacciatore2 x 2.5 kg
Baked Ziti
2 x 2.5 kg
Beef Shepherd's Pie2 x 2.5 kg
Cabbage Rolls2 x 1.85 kg
Chicken Cutlets
2 x 2.0 kg
Chicken Parmesan Cutlets
2 x 1.25 kg
Veal Cutlets
2 x 2.0 kg
Veal Meatballs and Sauce2 x 2.0 kg

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